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“Of course I’m not happy, she said to me, but I’ve got a degree in psychology so at least I can explain why.” (

I can’t decide whether it’s a good or bad thing that I have a background in psychology. I definitely end up analying myself way more than other people. This can be good in that I can figure out what causes some problems and try to fix them, but then again, it also sometimes causes me to hold things in instead of talking to someone else. A couple months ago I finally gave in and started seeing a counselor on campus. Our society gives such a stigma to seeing counselors and psychologists and therapists, but let me tell you, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having someone who is completely nonjudgmental and is there for the sole purpose of listening to you and helping you work through things is the best thing I could have in my life right now. For people my age, life can get tough sometimes with these transitions of deciding a career, graduating and finding jobs, going to grad school, moving, can be hard. I am lucky because I have a service available to me, but if the thought of needing someone to talk to about things has ever crossed your mind, don’t completely disregard it!

[On another note, the site linked above, Story People, has some great quotes and stories. Check it out!]

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