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Life Transitions

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One year out from graduating from college. It was such a blur for me. The way it is set up, you have no time for real goodbyes or to realize what is really happening. I remember moving from campus to our new house. I remember my family being in town. I remember saying goodbye to roommate C, who I knew I probably would not see for many years, if ever again. Unforunately, the reality of even that did not hit me until later, when she was gone.

It is such a strange time, and looking back I don’t even know if I enjoyed it. I knew I was looking forward to the next phase of life, which for me was grad school, but when I realized the next phase was nothing like I expected, I didn’t know what to do. Is the post-graduation a common struggle? Is it extremely dependent on what your next phase is, or is there at least a little struggle for everyone? I feel like one year out I am still struggling…..

One thought on “Life Transitions

  1. I think everyone struggles in some way. Part of it is getting used to “real life.” I saw my graduate school year as my way of easing into real life. It made the transition to just work easier…of course life throws us all curve balls. I think what I have come to realize is that I try to make the best of everything now…spend as much time with the friends, family and loved ones as I can and make sure to stay in touch if you can’t see them. I know that even though I struggle sometimes I have friends who help me through. 😉

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