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T – 12 days

I started running again after a week-long hiatus of parents visiting, being sick, and going out of town. It was like starting from scratch. But I think the progress was faster. I did 4 days of early morning runs (which I still love), just under 3 miles, same route. My time got a couple minutes better throughout the week to put me back to where I was before the hiatus. Today, M, S, and I went to the park where the 5K will be and attempted to run the actual route. It is very different running in a field/woods than paved sidewalk. I kind of enjoyed it though. We got most of the route, but got confused at one point and back-tracked. It was fairly flat, with only a couple larger hills. I think it’s going to be very doable.

I am starting to get really excited for the race. I don’t really care what time I do it in, I would just really like to do it without walking at all!! I am still working on the eating better. My goal is to fit into the shorts I bought in March when I had lost weight (which I apparently have gained back now….boo).


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