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One thing I have loved since turning 21 is going to vineyards. Although I have not had the chance to go to a lot, Arrington Vineyard in Arrington, TN is one of my favorite. Beginning in May and going into the fall, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday turns into Music in the Vines. Bring a blanket, food, and good friends. Listen to some smooth jazz music while you take in the beautiful green landscape. Be sure to put your name down first thing for a wine tasting, as it can be up to a 4 hour wait. Or you can just buy bottles to enjoy there. My favorites are the Red Fox Red, Desert Rose, and Raspberry. (hint: if you choose the raspberry during your wine tasting, you get a delicious piece of dark chocolate to have with it).  Arrington Vineyards



my view from the top of the hill

my view from the top of the hill


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