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I am proud at how many books I have gotten to read this summer. It has been a while since I have enjoyed reading so much. Although I am not completely proud of my current series, I have to give it credit. I had never heard of Twilight until the movie was opening and the teenage girls were plastered everywhere on tv, in line to see the hottie vampire, Edward. I vowed I would never read it, that it was not nearly the same literary status as, say, Harry Potter, hehe. After about five people told me I needed to read it, I gave in.

And I was pleasantly surprised. If nothing more, it is an easy, mindless, entertaining summer read, which is what I like every now and then. The story encorporates love (albeit high schoollove), monsters, violence and action. It was actually a good page-turner and there were times when I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. I liked it well enough to continue into the second in the series, New Moon. Honest word of warning, though: if you read the book and enjoy it, do not get excited about the movie…..


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