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Concerts have definitely come to be one of my favorite activities here in Nashville. I love finding new music to listen to, and it’s even better when you discover it live and love it! I went to my favorite venue last night, Exit/In, to see Pat Mcgee. There were maybe 40 people there, so I was a little worried about the overall concert experience. Man, was a very pleasantly surprised. The guys that opened for Pat were awesome! They had a ton of energy, great music style, and used a wide range of instrumentation. It was kind of a rock-bluegrass mix that sounded amazing. Hightide Blues is definitely on my new list to look out for. (and right now you can download their CD for free from the website, linked above).


After a great opening act, Pat Mcgee came and started playing, just him and Charlie Mars on keyboard and sax. He played about 4 songs, then decided to switch things up a bit. He got down on the floor, sat on a stool, with everyone sitting on stools right in front (I was about 5 feet away!!), and played whatever songs the audience wanted him to play. Talk about an intimate performance!! At midnight, they seemed to still be going strong, and as much as I didn’t want to leave such an amazing experience, I had to remember my wake-up time in the morning, so we snuck out. But talk about a great experience!! Sadly I didn’t get a picture….he was sitting so close and had just talked about how little things can throw a performer off, so I felt guilty making the flash go off that close. Oh well. It will be in my mind at least.  🙂


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