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Week of epiphanies

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Though my first epiphany was silly – my logic of running – it seems that the week of finding myself continues.  As I settled into the semester, December began to loom….the dreaded graduation/ throw-me-into-the-real-world time of year. I was not planning to have a merry Christmas. Yes, I will be able to celebrate a Master’s degree, but to what result??

However, in speaking with numerous people this week, I have discovered what I believe is my passion and what I am supposed to do. My master’s adviser has constantly been annoyed by the fact that I knew what I was interested in but it is so specific that my job options are slim. Well guess what, V? I think I figured it out!! After working for almost 2 years on a research study through the nursing school, and being involved three-fold this semester, I love doing this! And what does on do when they love research? More research! AKA – get a PhD. AH!!!! I guess I should have listened to my mother years ago when she said “Dr. Kathryn Miller” had a nice ring to it as I mistakenly received emails for a doctor at the children’s hospital.

But I am so excited!! I want to help families who have children with serious or chronic illness and the best way to do this right now is to research because there is not a lot of it done already. So my semester begins again this week with a new life plan, goal, and kind of a time-crunch to figure out where to apply. Though there are not many health psychology programs (but Vandy has a great program!), hopefully I can get into one based on my research experience, recommendations, and passion.

Just call me Dr. Miller!! (hopefully)

One thought on “Week of epiphanies

  1. I meant to comment on this directly to you last weekend…but forgot in the ummm, epic game that ensued. Anyways, YAY! i think you’ll be fabulous of course and I’ll call you Dr. Miller now if you like. 🙂

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