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New directions

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I have realized recently that I somtimes….naw, most of the time….have trouble looking “on the brighter side of life.”  It gets really easy to focus on the bad, sad, and ugly parts of life and really hard to see that there are always good things too. So, for at least a short time, my goal is to post every single night about 1 thing that day that made me smile or made me happy. I apologize if this is not riveting or thoughtful or even fun, but I think it’s a useful goal to set for myself right now. And I promise that I will try keep it interesting when possible 🙂

Sunny side of life, here I come!

I will call this the Katy Happiness Project (KHP)

One thought on “New directions

  1. You should read “How Full is Your Bucket?” Really you should. It’s at school, but I’ll bring it home for you tomorrow night. And I think happy things are ABSOLUTELY riveting!

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