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I wonder if there’s a bubbler?


KHP Day 1

One of my favorite things about going to Vanderbilt is the immersion of various regions.  My freshman year were randomly loaded onto a dorm hallway, and our group became Atlanta, Milwaukee, Ohio, Miami, Connecticut, Chicago, and North Carolina.  At first glance, this would not seem like such a diverse group, after all, they are all from the eastern half of the United States.  You would be baffled, though, as we were in many of our conversations, the different words different regions use. One of my favorites that made my day today was roommate’s M Wisconsin reference to the water fountain: aka a Bubbler. Here are a list of some differences:

drinking fountain

To most this is a water fountain. To my roommate (who I love, but the periodic accent and words are just too easy), it’s a bubbler.


This is a common but fun one! Soda? Pop (as to my Illinois relatives)? Cola? Or Coke (as any true Georgia girl knows)?


What would you call this? I feel like majority of people would say ‘parking garage’, however in Milwaukee, even the road signs say ‘parking structure.’ Not that much difference, yet it just sounds strange to me…..

At the moment my mind is drawing a blank as to some of the others. But it was topic of conversation many times on our freshman hall. One that a vaguely remember is for when you pull someone’s pants down, but I can’t remember what the alternative was. Do you have any others??

3 thoughts on “I wonder if there’s a bubbler?

  1. most of them involve roommate M. because they’re just really weird up there. down south we say “fixin’ to”… up in the wisconsin area they use “by” as the ultimate pronoun (examples are tough to come by but… just listen to M. doesn’t sound right).

    • Only homeless people drink from fountains.

      Also, “by” is a very useful word.

      “Come by me when you’re finished!” is the main type of usage that I believe Andy is referring to. Deal with it.

      • sorry, i have to agree with andy on the “by” usage. “Come over when you’re finished” would make much more sense. “By” implies that you are already in the same room (as in “come sit by me.”), but not if you have to get in the car and drive to come visit.

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