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Addition to last night’s post


Thanks to friend, C, we remembered another regional (or maybe just difference) in wording. Both C and I are from the south and apparently have different words.


What do you call it when you intentionlly pull someone’s pants down?? We always called it “pantsing.”  However, this caused a great debate on our freshman hallway, as the girl who called it “shanking” was determined that she was right (as was her mindset for everything). Anyway, “shanking” is what happens when you completely hit/kick a ball (soccer, golf, tennis, etc.) is the wrong direction. And I am fully convinved that I am right in this for two reasons:

1. Look up “shanking” on and there is nothing about pulling down pants. There is, however, the verb usage of hitting a ball in the wrong direction.

2. Look up “shanking” on google images: get maybe one jpeg of someone who had their pants pulled down. Look up “pantsing” on goggle images: get nothing but pictures of people having their pants pulled down.

I rest my case.

2 thoughts on “Addition to last night’s post

  1. i love that you google-imaged it.

  2. HAHA!!! Agreed shanking means totally messing up when hitting a ball. Pretty gutsy there google imaging stuff you never know what you’ll get.

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