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Family milestones

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KHP Day 2

Today’s happiness stems from family. I love my family. I talk to my mom minimum once a day (laugh if you want) and she is probably one of my best friends. But the real thrill currently is the planning of my daddy’s 70th birthday party in November. Now, I know 70 sounds decrepit, but he a) does not look 70 at all and b) does not act 70. And my family was never big on celebrating birthdays. We did dinner or whatnot and parties with friends when we were little, but apparently it was barely acknowledging compared to some families (coughcough–Amanda–cough).So it is exciting to get to make a big deal out of his birthday!! And I love making big deals of other people’s birthday.

So for his party, I am doing a little project with some pictures I dug up. Looking at them absolutely makes my day and I loved using them to make his invitation. Enjoy this small sampling:


Age 4 (??)


Basketball player at Georgia Southern University

And now

And now

Yeah, I’m a daddy’s girl. So what?

One thought on “Family milestones

  1. Your fortunate to have your family still with you. I was really taken back when I saw the photo of your Dad with his sisters. The little girl at the bottom on the right looks so much like the way I looked in early 50’S it set me back. My Mother was from Murray, Kentucky, and my Uncle was the sheriff of Murray there last name was Steele. My Dad was from Michigan. That is where I live. Vacations we would drive to Murray, when I was a kid, had to pull over to the side of the road and all that kind of stuff. So I understand Ray Stevens music real well I’ve been studying it all my life it seems like, I assosiate with things that use to happen like that terror for a child called, “Sittin’ Up With The Dead.” (Boy, if that won’t give you creepy nightmares for years nothin’ will!) If you want to correspond with me feel free to contact me.

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