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Snack time!! (a day late)

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KHP Day 3

I work part time at a daycare with toddlers, so I am constantly reminded of when I was a kid and reminiscing about my childhood. I am there everyday for nap and snack time: the two most important events in a child’s daily life. No nap = very cranky toddler. No snack = very cranky, very hungry toddler. And snack time is the best because I get to eat like a kid again! No, this is not the best option for eating well and whatnot, but you tell me that you can resist even just a handful of goldfish and I will give you a quarter. It’s cheese in the shape of a fish.


Now, I don’t remember when goldfish were first made, or even if they first came about when I was a kid, but I do remember when they added a smiley face. Although it is a little disturbing to chomp down on a handful of cute, laughing fish, the smile makes it that much more fun.


And now there are tons of flavors, different sizes and even colors!! You really can’t beat the original Goldfish, though.


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