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KHP Day 6

I love food. And when we make dinner plans, I look forward to it all day. This is especially the case for a good meal of mexican and margaritas, which was the case for a fabulous Friday night. And what better way to end the week?! This is one meal that I’m pretty sure I’ve never said “I’m not really in the mood.” Though there is always the anticipatory “I ate WAY too much” feeling at the end that is basically unavoidable no matter how hard you try. My favorite is usually a shrimp or steak quesadilla (and of course chips and salsa….)


And then there is the margarita debate:

  • Decision 1: pitcher or glasses? almost always a pitcher
  • Decision 2: frozen or on-the-rocks? let’s be real, I’m not picky
  • Decision 3: original or flavored? although I am very prone to original, every now and then a good strawberry or peach really hits the spot, which in turn makes your decision 2 for you!
  • Decision 4: salt on the rim of the glass? um, Yes, is this even a question?

margarita-glassl margarita

2 thoughts on “Food and Fun

  1. i know people who don’t do salt. i refuse to be friends with these people.

  2. Strong words there from christine. Agreed though, why would anyone ever pass on the salt?

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