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Hooty Hoo

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KHP Day 9

Every morning between the hours of 5:30 and 6:00, my alarm starts buzzing it’s annoying, get-higher-pitched-the-longer-I-hit-snooze buzz. It’s just not a pleasant time.  I want to stay in the warmth and comfort of my bed!! But this morning, as I stumbled half-asleep to the bathroom to begin the morning routine, I heard a pleasant noise that actually made me enjoy the moment…slightly.


Call me weird, but I think the sound of an owl hooting is a pretty cool and calming noise. Now, a calming noise is the last thing to help get me out of bed in the a.m., but once I am out of the bed, it is a nice shift from the frantic rush of getting ready for the day. There’s also just something rewarding about being up that early to experience something that is only out when the sun is down.  And maybe I belong at Hogwarts or the 100 Acre Woods, but I think owls are pretty cool (and obviously genius). They sleep all day, get up at night, fly around, and sit in the tree outside my house hooting. Not to mention solving all the “oh, bothers” of Winnie the Pooh and getting all the important information to Harry. It’s just a better noise than *chirp, chirp* from other birds. So here’s to you owl….hoot away…but don’t put me back to sleep, please.



One thought on “Hooty Hoo

  1. you and christopher robbins probably would have been friends.

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