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KHP Day 10

Today’s joy was too easy. For years I have said that I was going to get a massage and I even scheduled one one time with a friend for us just to go and find out they had closed the spa. Talk about strange! Anyway, I’m not really sure why now was a good time, other than that it was in between super busy weekends, but I decided I just needed to schedule it and go. So I did! And talk about enjoyable. I literally thought about nothing for an hour and it was better than fabulous. I have knots in my shoulders like whoa, so those definitely feel better, but honestly, I could have had him rub just my neck for at least 30 minutes. Now I only wish I can find a job that pays enough so I can justify going at least every now and then……

I’d totally recommend it and now think that no woman, or man even, should live their whole life without a massage. I went to Massage Envy (which is a national chain) and although I feel like the more expensive spa might do an even better job, for a girl who’s looking for a simple hour of complete relaxation, it was perfect. (Now if we could just get them to open one a little closer to downtown…..)

Massage therapy

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