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Wedded Bliss

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I love seeing other people happy. And I love when I can be a part of and see others happiness. Last weekend, my best friend of 22 years got married. I was the maid of honor and it was a hard time holding my emotions together when she appeared at the back door of the sanctuary next to her father (my second father). But we all made it through a beautiful ceremony and a fun, exciting reception. I couldn’t be happier for my Natty. Below is the speech I made (which I wrote weeks ago and edited numerous times) and a few pictures. I’ll get some more pics soon (as our wonderful friend, Callie, was the photographer) and they will be even more gorgeous!


22 years ago, two toddlers, living down the street from each other, began the friendship of a lifetime.  It started as every friendship of little girls does: dressing up like the princesses; playing Pretty Pretty Princess; making Barbie and Ken go on dates with Ken always being the perfect gentleman; being mermaids in the pool, with Eric coming to rescue them from the evil Ursala; singing along with pots and pans as the Beast tries to win over Belle; and watching Disney movies over and over and over, dreaming of their own future princes to come, sweep them off their feet, and ride off into the sunset together on a white horse.  These two little girls got older, first grade to be exact, where one began her early quest to find Prince Charming.  But eventually, reality hit, and the glory of prince charming began to fade.  So instead they graduated to chick flicks, and dreamed of boys singing to them, chasing after them, and proposals of grandeur.  For Natalie, there were some wanna-be princes, there was plenty of chasing, and even some charm, but I never saw in them a lifetime with my best friend.  But I was never worried.  I always knew that God would send my Natty, my BFF, her Ken….her Eric…her Prince Charming.  We have talked about this day since we were girls and now it’s finally here.

Jonnie, you are one lucky man to have such an incredibly wonderful woman, and I have no doubt that you will love her and cherish her for all the years to come. Natalie, I could not be more honored to be a maid of honor and stand by you on one of the most important days of your life (other than meeting me, obviously).  You have always been one of the most beautiful, genuine, strong, loving friends a girl could have, and I know your marriage will only bring those qualities out more. You will always be my best friend, and I wish you both all the happiness in the world together.



Rehearsal (Natalie in middle)

Bride and Maid-of-Honor

Natalie and I


Beautiful bride

One thought on “Wedded Bliss

  1. an a+ speech if ever i did read one. 🙂

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