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I made a quick trip to the grocery store tonight to get a few things for lunches this week.  Another young women walked passed me and smiled, and I smiled back as I always would.  After we walked a few more feet, she turned back and said “It’s nice that someone actually smiled back. I smile at people all the time and very few people smile back. Thank you.”  I run into this same problem almost every day.  Even on campus, most people walk looking at the ground, texting on their phone, changing songs on the ipod.  But the worst is when you make eye contact with someone, smile, and they just look away.  And sadly, this is what happens more often that not.


What is wrong with smiling at somebody? A smile does not say anything more than that you are a nice, pleasant person. It says a lot about your character, too.  I think our world is just terrified of strangers.  Even a simple smile is opening up too much.  A smile does not mean you have to have a conversation.  A smile does not mean you have to tell your life story. A smile does not even mean you have to open your mouth and say “hi.”  So if you don’t do it already, make it a point to smile to a stranger this week.  You never know how much it will affect someone or make their day just a little bit brighter. 🙂

smile girl

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