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Christmas Time is Here


Although I love Thanksgiving, with the end of it, it means Christmas time! Yesterday we took a little bowling trip (for some reason when I come to S’ville I want to act like I’m in high school again) and made it just in time for cosmic bowling. This song came on the playlist of Christmas and pop mix and I just about died. Strange as it may be, (cuz my family is), Ray Stevens, comedic musician, was a solid part of my growing up. He had numerous tapes and VHS videos which we watched over and over. Maybe I’m weird, but I enjoy it. He had one Christmas song, and hearing it last night made it the perfect start to the holiday season. So here it is!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Time is Here

  1. I’ve got it memorized and I’m ready to sing it at the party,
    it’s a great song, cause your a great guy and always been o

  2. Ray has two C.D.s that are for sale at this time especially for Christmas, one entitled “Through A Different Window ” with some great comedy songs, and one with mostly traditional songs entitled, “Ray Stevens Christmas” that being the most recent collection.

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