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New Sport (for me, at least)

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Last weekend I got to experience a sport for the first time. It was awesome. It was fast, it was nonstop action, it was fighting, there was blood. The sport? Hockey. It’s definitely something I’ve been wanted to go to, but just have never made it here in town. Now I definitely will. This was, of course, minor league, but it was so much fun! It is definitely a spectator sport (and not to mention, the guys are not bad on the eye haha). We got to sit 3rd row, right on the ice, and did not do damage to the wallet. The Gwinnett Gladiators are a good time to watch. Hopefully I can make it to either a Thrasher’s game or Predator’s game soon. I’m definitely going to have to brush up on hockey rules, though, cuz I hate constantly having to turn to my dad to ask “why”, “what does that mean”, and “for what.”



Amanda and I


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