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Life of the Jobless


I am a person who likes to stay busy. Wait, take that back. I like probably 60-80% of my days to be busy and have things to do, then the rest to relax and do something I enjoy. Being jobless puts a real damper in that lovely percentage of time spent. I do keep myself somewhat occupied with things………not that all these things are enjoyable but that they keep me from losing my mind……

Training for the Music City Half Marathon. I’ve actually really come to enjoy my morning runs, even in “feels like 9 degrees” weather as we saw last week. It just makes me feel so good starting out the day!

Scrapbooking. I started scrapbooking my senior year of high school and love doing it, but it is time-consuming. I got really behind in college. Last week I finished my junior year of college. This project is now on hold, however, because I ordered more prints and am waiting for them to arrive.

Cleaning. For some reason, this is something I am very prone to do when I am bored. That is how lazy I feel when I sit and do nothing. I would rather clean. However, I have to leave something for the roomies to do (wink,wink) and have to make myself spread it out. Last week before I left town, spent hours cleaning the kitchen, which will happen again cuz it’s my chore this month! Today, cleaned the bathroom. Tomorrow, clean my room and organize my closet.

Arrested Development Seasons 1-3. All seasons. I started and finished. I got them for Christmas and hadn’t seen the series in a couple years. LOVE IT! Movie comes out next year!

30 Rock. I think it’s in it’s 4th season, but I am just now jumping on the bandwagon. I can watch the first 3 seasons from Netflix online for free. Yes, these are tv shows that envolve sitting, but I am usually doing something else while I watch (cooking, organizing, filing, etc.)

And let’s not forget the job hunting. I spent an hour or two every day searching for jobs, applying for jobs, researching companies and jobs. Now it would seem that all these things would fill up the day. But oh, no! I can get through a day’s list in a morning most of the time.

For now, I just hope I can enjoy some of this free time because hopefully it will be gone VERY soon.

2 thoughts on “Life of the Jobless

  1. You forgot “ironing my roommate’s clothes” and “grading papers for my overwhelmed roommate”. Just an FYI.

  2. I feel (felt) your pain and am glad to be teaching again but some days all I want is a break! 🙂

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