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Do you remember 7th grade??

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This weekend, Meghan and I helped chaperone the youth ski trip for First Presbyterian. We lead a group of 7th grade girls every week, but we had 12 girls this weekend.  Now I don’t know if you remember 7th grade, and honestly, I really don’t, but I know enough to be thankful that I am no longer a 7th grade girl.  The girls are great and funny and awesome to work with, but I do not miss the drama.  It’s strange to me, though, that in that setting with those girls, I feel for them and still feel like I can relate with them at certain times.

All in all, the trip was a blast, there was fresh snow as we arrived Friday night, and Meghan and I got to chill by the fire all day on ski day at Perfect North, Indiana. It was so much fun to ride a bus (even with the break down and accident traffic), sleep in a bunk with a sleeping bag, and eat “camp food” (which was REALLY delicious).  It really takes me back, haha. There were about 100 middle and high schoolers who all seemed to have a blast.  I really would love to ski, but really don’t want to take the risk it would involve for me. I’ll stick with other outdoor activities which keep my feet on the group and in my control! 🙂

Here are a few pics from the weekend!!

The conference center where we stayed was gorgeous, especially covered in white!

the slopes!

2 of our awesome 7th grade girls taking a break in the lodge!

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