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“Take me out to the ballgame” is in the air. College ball opened this weekend. Professional players are trickling in to their respective spring trainings. This girl is excited. Although the past couple Braves seasons have left much to be desired, I’m really hoping this year will bring pitchers, pitchers, and more pitchers.Tomahawk chop!

One of the highlights of the weekend, though was Vandy’s opening series against Niagara. Niagara?? you ask. I did too. I did some research. Niagara University is a Catholic school of about 3,000 students nestled just 4 miles from Niagara Falls in NY, north of Buffalo. They are in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. They are the Nuggets. Yes, Nuggets. I’m interested in what the mascot looks like…..or does……

Anyway, Vandy swept, with scores of 9-0, 16-2, 21-3, respectively. The team looked good, although, yes, it is hard to tell this early and with this level of opponent. But having just 3 seniors this year, there is great potential for the Commodores in the next few years. I’m super excited for more outfield sunny afternoons, 7th inning stretches, and 8th inning ‘Sweet Carolines’. Go ‘Dores!

I heart baseball 🙂

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