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Farewell Kenner


We found out 2 days ago that our landlords are not going to allow us to renew our lease at the fabulous 119 Kenner Ave., which means we have to move in a month. HUGE pain, but secretly I do love house hunting and constantly browsing and, I wasn’t quite ready to did it this year or this quickly. Stupid landlord.

We’ve had SO many good memories at the Kenner house. It will be very sad to leave after being cozy and settled for 2 years.

First cookout

Girls night

Halloween '08

Halloween '08

Meghan's birthday '08

Tucker joins the Kenner family!

First Wine & Cheese Party

Nat's bachelorette party

Homecoming weekend '09

Halloween '09

Halloween '09

Smores & Game night

Holiday Wine & Cheese Party '09

Snow!! (2010)

2 thoughts on “Farewell Kenner

  1. What wonderful memories!!!

  2. looooooove.

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