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Life Accomplishments


There really aren’t too many things in my life yet that I would consider a major “life accomplishment.” Yes, we all have accomplishments and meet goals, but yesterday I completed a major one: my first half marathon. I completed the Country Music Half Marathon in 2:16:03, running (aka jogging) the whole thing and not walking at all!!!! Do I ever want to do a full marathon?? NO. But more halves? Yes, definitely.

Thanks to Meghan, Tyler, Lauryn, Boone and everyone else who came out to cheer!! And a BIG thanks to Meg for snapping some pics!! (sadly the action shots didn’t turn out, but oh well! you can still tell it me! :))



Between miles 6-7

Post-Race chillin'

2 thoughts on “Life Accomplishments

  1. I love their sign! It matched your outfit! Congratulations!!!

  2. YAY for you!! It’s so awesome you did this. I need motivation to try again. 🙂

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