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Nashville Flood

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Nashville has had crazy weather this year. This past weekend, the torrential downpours caused the city and suburbs to flood. I was actually in Birmingham for the weekend and did not risk driving back Sunday night, droving back this morning instead. Our area is fine (on the surface at least), and the water receded. The Kroger by our house has a ton of damage and I’m not sure if any of the grocery stores are open yet.

I honestly am having trouble grasping this whole situation, especially since I didn’t see any of it over the weekend. I’m hoping to help some around the city this week since I am only working part time (assuming the office is back open tomorrow). Crazy times! Keep Nashville in your prayers as there are many, many people without power and/or with homes and businesses under water.

Here are some photos and videos from around the web.

From Sunday:

West End Ave. at Natchez Trace (near campus) on Sunday

from today:

Downtown at the river

Joe's Crab Shack downtown

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