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In Awe

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Are there ever times in your life that you are just in awe?? This week has definitely been an “in awe” week for me, as for many other Nashvillians. This past weekend, Nashville experienced a once-in-1,000-year flood…or something like that. I have never been so in awe of people in general. I’m not going to lie, I usually don’t think too highly of “people” in general because there are so many bad things that happen in the world. And yes, it is sad that it takes a disaster for people to realize they come together, but man, when it happens, it happens.

I spent today helping a friend’s boyfriend clean up after his house was flooded, and I never had a better day with strangers than today. Helping another family, who completely opens themselves and their lives to you, another stranger, really just makes you stop and realize how lucky you are and in what a wonderful place you live.

I know it all sounds corny, but I love you Nashville!

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