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My next numerous posts will be chronicling our 2-week adventure in Guatemala (only one of which was planned). I’ll post general trip posts, interspersed with fun/random thoughts and lessons learned. Enjoy!

Looking back, there was a sense of doom from the start. Meghan and I left Friday, May 21 after work to drive to Atlanta to my parent’s house. Simple enough, right? Nope. We drove to Atlanta by way of Birmingham due to a 20-foot wide sinkhole, shutting down I-24. Nothing major, and didn’t take too much longer than the normal trip.

We got up Saturday, May 22 to a wonderful brunch made by my mother and were joined by my two best friends, Natalie and Tess. My dad dropped us off at the airport, and the 9 of us were together, heading south! David R. was already there, exploring Guatemala City while he waited for us to arrive.

Atlanta airport

Leaving Atlanta was a little soupy, and we took off about 45 minutes after our scheduled departure time to Miami. We arrived in Miami and literally ran off the plane 3 minutes after our scheduled departure for our connection. We sprinted to the gate to find the plane gone. American did not hold the plane 5 minutes for 9 passengers. We then battled with the airline, but eventually got put up in a hotel and given food vouchers for the night, as the next flight was not until Sunday morning.

Stuck in Miami

After a good sleep in Miami, we finally got a plane to Guatemala City on Sunday, May 23. We took off and landed without a hitch. We quickly found David Richardson, who had been living it up exploring the city for 24 hours, loaded up the bus and took off towards Santiago Atitlan. It was a beautiful day. The group was already meshing and there were already numerous inside jokes floating around. It was going to be a great week.

Miami airport security line

Guatemala City! Found David Richardson!

We took off straight toward Panajachel to take boats across Lake Atitlan to Santiago Atitlan, where we would be spending the week. We stopped for a delicious lunch along the way. Guatemala is a gorgeous country, so the drive was great.

Stopping for lunch

We hopped on the last boat of the day and arrived at Hotel Posada to settle in. A few of us walked to get groceries for breakfast and lunches for the week, then started preparing mentally and physically for a week of physical labor.

Boat docks in Panajachel

Taking the boat across Lake Atitlan

Our house at the Posada

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