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My last Guatemala-related post is a simple list of the things I learned, both our scheduled week and the extra week stranded.

  • It may rain or it may not rain
  • I could eat fried plantains every day
  • There are plenty muscles in my body that are never used
  • 10 people are not made to spend 14 days together (no offense to anyone on the trip, I love you all!)
  • I only thought I hated my bed at home
  • I actually miss salad when I’m not allowed to eat it
  • I love cooking and miss it when I can’t cook
  • I take simple things for granted: drinkable water from a faucet, flushing toilet paper, my heating pad, always having a phone
  • Never fly American Airlines
  • I am so lucky to have my wonderful family and friends, and to live such a comfortable life

I love Guatemala. I have been 3 times and hope to go again. Although it was a little stressful and annoying to be stuck for an extra week, it was a great time.

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