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Summer is Hot

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For those of you in the south, this title is an understatement. It is only mid-June and the temperatures have been in the mid- to high-90s with heat indexes, some days, in the 100s. And being outside every single day at camp, I know how miserable it is. And I love being outside. I don’t even want to think about what it will feel like by the end of July.

Regardless of the heat, this past week was full of events that are always equated with summer. They are some of my favorite things and they don’t all necessarily only occur in the summer, just more frequently.

  • Team Trivia!!! Any given night in Nashville you can find numerous bars and restaurants hosting trivia. For the most part, I think with the exception of one night ever, we do not win and do not even do well. But what better than good food, good friends, and challenging questions?!
  • Movies in the Park. Wednesdays in June in Centennial Park brings blankets, pillows, picnics, and great people watching. We get there early to get a good spot and hang out til the movie starts at dark. This past week was Legally Blonde, which I had not watched in a long time. It was fabulous. This coming week is The Blind Side, one of my absolute favorite movies.
  • Late Night Sunset Grill. One word: nachos. And you can only get these nachos at Sunset Grill starting at 10pm. There is no need to look at the menu or even consider getting anything else. Delicious!!!

I love summer and there is going to be so much more to enjoy during the rest of it this year.

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