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It’s ok.

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I am a woman with a plan. Usually. However, 7 months ago, when I completed my masters program, I was lost. No job. A kind-of, sort-of, general idea of what I wanted to do. For 3 months, I applied for jobs, interviewed for jobs, was rejected for jobs, turned down jobs, and found things to do with my free time. Actually, if it weren’t for those 3 months, I never would have trained for and completed a half marathon, a personal life goal.  But it felt like my life was going nowhere. I eventually found a part-time, temporary job in research at Vandy. Then I found another temporary summer job at a day camp, which I never thought I would be doing at 24 years of age.

Now, exactly 3 months from turning the big 25, my life still feels aimless. Sometimes. I was recently asked to fill a position at the church in the youth department. I am definitely excited about the opportunity, but it will definitely not be a stress-less job and there will be a learning curve. Luckily, I get to ease into it and for the next 2 months will be at the church part time and still at Vandy part time. I am anxious to get into a routine with the two jobs and begin really learning my new position, which will eventually be full time. I have done pretty much the same thing for the past 2 years in the research world, so I am ready to work on something new.

I have learned a lot. Although our parents may have “had it all figured out” by their mid-20s and were on their way to earning, saving, marrying, and children-having, most of us do not. We live in a completely different time and most of us in our mid-20s have no idea what life is going to bring. And that’s ok. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to be hard or stressful. And it certainly does not mean that’s the way I prefer it. But it’s ok. It’s ok. It’s ok.

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  1. I’m so excited for you to have something new to do!! And I totally think that our generation is going to work all of our kinks out in our 20s…by the time we’re 40, we’ll be rockstars. Guaranteed. 🙂

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