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Busch Stadium

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Last weekend, I drove up to visit my good friend and DG Big Sis, Lisa, in St. Louis. It was a great trip! We had lots of time to catch up, I got to meet the absolutely adorable baby Anna, and I completed part of a 101 list item: to visit 2 new MLB stadiums! I love baseball and love to visit new stadiums (even if it’s not the Braves playing….). I’ve been to Atlanta (obviously), Wrigley Field in Chicago, and Chase Field in Arizona. I had toured Busch Stadium, but this was my first game, and I picked a good one. Lisa’s mom reserved a party suite, complete with dinner buffet and all the beverages we wanted. The box was about halfway down the first base line and was a great view. The home team pulled out a win and good times were had by all.

Busch Stadium

The happy family

I just love Anna banana!

One thought on “Busch Stadium

  1. The game was such a blast!!! I’m so glad you were able to make it!!!!!!! Anna loved meeting Aunt Katy and helping her with her 101 list!!!

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