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#38 Eat, Pray, Love (completed)

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I quickly found a friend to go see the movie with last weekend to help me complete #38 on my 101 list! I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was not awful or completely disappointing, as most book-to-movies that I see. I felt that the screenplay included most of the important aspects of the book, but obviously without the super-specific detail, which I was expecting to not be there. The screenplay could have worked in some of the more intense, raw emotion that was portrayed in the book. When dealing with someone’s true story, a book is just better. Hands down. There were a few changes to the actual story-line that I didn’t really like, but as a stand-alone movie it was good. Just not quite as inspirational as the book. I obviously have never met Elizabeth Gilbert, but based on my impression of her after reading the book, Julia Roberts did a great job of depicting her in the movie.

Reading the book made me want to travel (especially to Italy), but the movie solidified it even more. At some point in my life, I want to take a long trip, maybe 3-4 months and live somewhere else. And Italy might be my first choice.

Even if you haven’t read the book yet, go see the movie. But read the book eventually.

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