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#98. Titans Game

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#98 on my list was not just completed….it was completed with finesse and flare. Not only did I go to a Titans game (first one ever), but it was more importantly a STEELERS game, AND we got pregame sideline passes (huge thanks to a certain nice guy at Coke!). The experience was beyond incredible. And honestly, the best part was, I got to do it with one of my closest friends and biggest Steelers fan, Tess and her dad, Mr. Coleman. It was, by far, the best Sunday ever. I will let the pictures do the talking. And I will probably put up multiple posts with just pictures. Yes, there are that many. Oh, and most important of all…..STEELERS DOMINATED!!!

Tess and I at the house. 7am.

LP Field

Pregame on the sideline

Favorite pic of the day!!

Hines Ward!!! cutie.

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