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100 Things that Make me Happy (continued)

21. Hiking at Lake Radnor

22. Buying a complete new outfit

23. Playing Cranium

24. Cheese. All kinds

25. The beach

26. Waking up right before my alarm goes off

27. Friend’s weddings

28. Hosting bridal showers and/or bachelorette parties

29. Adding new music to my ITunes

30. Playing cards with my family

31. Introducing people to the Rayman Wii game

32. Pizza

33. Waking up early on Saturday morning and realizing I can go back to sleep

34. Getting to the end of a good book and starting a new one

35. My Aunt Rita’s home-canned tomatoes

36. Fresh homegrown tomatoes

37. Sweet Ceces red velvet cake frozen yogurt

38. Going to the movies

39. Getting good recipes from family

40. Getting home after a vacation

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