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100 Things that Make me Happy (continued)

41. Successful house parties

42. Eating fast food on road trips (guilty pleasure)

43. Always reaffirming that the book is better than the movie

44. Having some weekends completely plan-free

45. A Coke Zero about once every few months

46. Soy Caramel Light Frappaccino from Starbucks

47. Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuits

48. Driving back into your own state when traveling

49. Planning house parties with my roommates

50. Getting an unexpected text message

51. People “liking” my status on Facebook

52. Seeing the “once-a-year” side of the family

53. Seeing my cousin’s kids grow up (the oldest just finished driver’s ed!)

54. Getting pictures from family

55. Burris Farmer’s Market in Foley, AL

56. My summer tan

57. Bouquets of mixed flowers

58. Reminiscing about high school with Tess and/or Natalie

59. Going through old family photos

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