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Happy List

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100 Things that Make me Happy (continued)

60. Getting through the “slow” sign at road construction without having to stop

61. Getting unexpected mail (snail mail) from family or friends

62. Talking to an out-of-town friend while on the way to their house

63. Having a clean bedroom

64. Driving past someone singing the song you’re listening to on the radio

65. Catching up with a friend

66. Buying a brand new calendar

67. Road trip by myself (no more than 6 hours)

68. Holding little babies

69. Getting a meal paid for

70. Splurging on popcorn and candy at the movies

71. Summer movies in the park

72. Just laying in the park

73. Celebrating a friend’s success

74. Watching a friend open a gift from me

75. Strawberry milkshakes

76. Seeing a license plate from a state that’s really far away

77. Leaving the grocery with only what’s on your list

78. Finding delicious new recipes

79. Getting a baby to smile and look at the camera

dont have to stop!snail mail

another car with the same song playing

catching up with a friendnew calendar

road tripholding babies

popcorn and candy at the movies

One thought on “Happy List

  1. LOVE this list!!! I especially love this section because my sweet little baby is in two of the pictures!!! 🙂 Great posts!!

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