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100 Things that Make me Happy (continued)

80. Writing blog posts in advance

81. Sitting in a coffee shop and reading or writing

82. Girls nights

83. Wearing my pajamas into the afternoon

84. When the kid I am babysitting falls asleep right away

85. Having an fun upcoming weekend to get me through the week

86. Shopping with a friend for a joint wedding gift

87. Planning my wardrobe for an upcoming event weeks in advance

88. Thinking about the future decorating of my own house (one day….)

89. Coloring in coloring books

90. Watching 3 or more movies in one day/night

91. Driving really early while the traffic lights are still flashing

92. Not having to ask my mom for help with rent

93. Having more than 30 views of my blog in one day

94. Sunset Grill late-night, combo nachos, jalapeños on the side

95. Designing pretty/cool invitations

96. Killing the really big bug in the house (I can do it. I can do it.)

97. Sleeping with the windows open

98. Fall weather – jeans and shorts sleeves (but no heavy jackets)

99. Bonfires (fire bowl) on a fall night

100. Feeling loved

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