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#37. The Shining

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I have only recently enjoyed watching scary movies. So naturally I need to go back to watch the good old ones. The only one I put on my 101 list was The Shining with Jack Nicholson and since it is getting closer to Halloween, it was the perfect time to watch. So one night last weekend, Meghan and I pulled it out (she owns it). I’m not going to lie…I was working on some stuff at the same time as watching so I wouldn’t get completely freaked out. But it was freaky. Jack Nicholson is just a creepy guy, even if his character isn’t supposed to be creepy. This one, obviously, is so it was perfect for him. The music was a bit over the top for now (even though the music is what really makes a movie scary). The end left wayyyyy too many questions unanswered…but I guess that’s the whole point, right??

Now let’s see if I can sleep soundly for the next few nights……


One thought on “#37. The Shining

  1. That movie freaked the crap out of me. Every tme I go to a hotel now I swear a see those creepy girls at the end of the hallway…

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