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#52. Tailgate food

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Another item completed!! I wanted to put my creative juices to the test this football season and take a different food item to every tailgate (minus the first home game because I was at a wedding during the tailgate). This proved to be a little more difficult that I imagined. I completed the task…but got very lazy by the end of the season. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with store-bought food for things….but I do really enjoy making a delicious recipe to share. Here’s the final list and no, some did not deserve their own blog post because they just weren’t exciting. But that’s life! Great season….of tailgating at least! πŸ™‚

  1. LSU game – Chipotle Cheddar Dip Mix (9/11/10)
  2. Eastern Michigan game – Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies (10/9/10)
  3. South Carolina game – Buffalo Chicken Dip (10/23/10)
  4. Florida game – Chex Mix (11/6/10) (no need to blog this one…..)
  5. UT game – Quatro Hummus from Trader Joes (11/20/10) (very delicious)

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