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I’m not going to lie. It still does not really feel like Christmas to me until I am at my parent’s house. We have a little Charlie Brown tree here, stockings hung by the chimney with care, 24-hour Christmas tunes, and houses everywhere with beautiful, bright lights. We have, as usual, a holiday-themed party to host (and many to attend). Cards are being sent and presents are bought. Advent is the message from the pulpit on Sundays. There have even been multiple snow flurries already.

So what doesn’t feel like Christmas?? To me this means one thing. Christmas is not about the things. The decorations are pretty, the music is comforting and familiar, and the parties are fun. The message is of singular importance. But, and I’m sorry for saying, all of this could disappear and ultimately I would feel the same sitting here now.

What makes my Christmas? What is left to make my Christmas? Family. Spending time with my family and our traditions means more to me than anything else this time of year. It is easy to forget, to get wrapped up in the twenty other things we can focus on. But it’s the truth.

What makes your Christmas? What is the true happiness in your holiday? Have you even ever thought about?

Gingerbread with Nat











Dad and his Christmas socks














Giving Mom stuff she doesn't need














Amanda's excitment for any gift














Brother and I. 25 years of Christmas morning memories.

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