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Best Morning Ever


My favorite question to ask people at this time of year is “what is your Christmas?” The incredible part is that you will never hear the exact same answer twice. Every family does Christmas in their own way. Obviously it changes over time, but personally, I’ll always love Christmas the way it was 18 years ago.

  • Christmas Eve: BIG dinner of crab legs, shrimp, salad, baked potato
  • Christmas morning:
    • Scott and I wake up about 3am
    • Trample downstairs to check out the goods Santa left on the sofa (not wrapped); look but don’t touch yet
    • We make Mom, Dad, and Grandmama get up and let them get coffee and the video camera
    • Stockings first, one at a time
    • Santa gifts next, hold up each gift one at a time
    • Pass out wrapped gifts and open one a time
    • Breakfast: breakfast casserole, grits, muffins
    • spend the rest of the day playing with our new gifts

Obviously there is nothing even close to 3 am anymore, some gifts are done Christmas Eve with Scott’s girlfriend, Amanda, there are no Santa gifts, and I still miss Grandmama being around. Despite the changes, though, I still love Christmas and our only-slightly-tweaked traditions. I miss the excitement of being a kid and anxiously awaiting Christmas morning, but have a relaxed family day is also great.

I kind of love this Target commercial and like to think that this is what Christmas morning is.

What is your Christmas?!

3 thoughts on “Best Morning Ever

  1. Ummm…my sister and I still refuse to let Santa pass by our house. We refuse to grow up.

  2. Santa always came a day early for me! Lol. My favorite part is watching people open the gifts that I gave them. I LOVE it! I just love this time of year!!

    You’ll have to check my blog later today. I have a post that has a ton of the Target commercials in it. Get out of my brain Katy!!

    Merry Christmas my lovely!!!!

  3. I love your blog! This post is super cute.I actually just wrote a comment about what my Christmas is and accidentally deleted it 🙂 so here’s the quick version….we would wake up super early too. Santa’s gifts were always wrapped under the tree. We were only allowed to check out our stockings until everyone was up. My dad insisted on going running before we opened gifts so we always had to wait for him to come back and shower. After that…it was mad chaos, wrapping paper all over the place. Makes me miss being a kid too 🙂 Now we watch our little cousins open gifts, it’s fun to see their eyes light up. Christmas has a new meaning as an adult, but I’m thankful for that, and thankful for the wonderful memories of a blessed childhood.

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