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#25. Homemade Gift


I consider myself a pretty crafty person, but I have never taken much time to make crafty gifts for people. And I love getting creative with gifts. So #25 on my 101 list was a perfect idea! Make a homemade gift for someone that was not food (I make food for people all the time). So Christmas was the perfect time!

My brother’s girlfriend, Amanda, and I have talked numerous times about crafts involving wine corks. And we just so happen to have been collecting them at our house for…oh, about 3 years. I saw a kit in a wine shop for a wine cork trivet and thought, “I could make that!” So I did! I made 2 for Amanda for Christmas and think she really liked them (and didn’t even know I had made them!). Even better is that they were SUPER easy and cheap to make!! Perfect for those hot, out-of-oven dishes!


Unfinished  small wood frame (from Michaels)

Pieces of wood to cover the back of the frame

Wine corks, not the plastic ones (I used 14 in each)

Acrylic paint, paint brushes

Wood glue, glue gun



1. Glue pieces of wood to back of frame to cover opening

2. Paint frame as desired and let dry

3. Use hot glue gun to glue wine corks in frame

And voila!!

3 thoughts on “#25. Homemade Gift

  1. Love this! Been trying to do a whole bulletin board but with my new diet I don’t think I can drink enough wine to cover it 🙂 Great idea!

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