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2010 in Review: Part III

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2010 in Review: September – December

  • Football/Tailgates – the best thing by far about this football season was the tailgates

  • Steeler’s game – first time in the Titans stadium, playing the Steelers, with pregame sidelines passes! Best Sunday ever

  • Bluebird Cafe – Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Thad Cockrell, & John Singleton

  • Birthday – the big 25. And the best roommates who threw me a surprise party! (Meghan’s post)

  • Urban Dare – giant Nashville scavenger hunt with the best teammate ever. We rocked.

  • 10K – trained for and ran with Meghan


  • First Snow – already snowing in the south. Going to be a long winter.

  • Christmas Proposal – the most exciting way to end the year. After 9 years, my brother proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas!!

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