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Hello, 2011

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To say it was a good start to 2011 would be an understatement. It was the best New Years Eve and start to a new year ever. My friend Tess and Meghan’s friend Katie came into town to partake in festivities. We kicked off the weekend with a trip to Late Night Sunset Grill for nachos. YUM!

Late Night Sunset

New Years Eve day was a chill and relax, but quickly became exciting and fabulous.

  • 5 girls getting ready and dressed up. Excitement enough, right?
  • Dinner at Whiskey Kitchen with even more friends.

Whiskey Kitchen


Whiskey Kitchen

  • A little pre-party Guitar Hero back at the house.

Rock Band


Rocker girl

  • New Years Nashville Party at the Adventure Science Center. Lots of friends, dancing, food, drinks, and all around fun!

Yay friends from homes

Love this girl!


That is obviously the quick run-down of the shenanigans of the evening. And luckily the weekend fun did not end there, but that’s more for another day…..

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