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#90. Snowman

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Even Nashville has already had a good share of snow this winter!! Crazy!! Yesterday, while we were sleeping, it silently piled up outside to total about 3 inches!!

So of course I had to use this perfect opportunity to complete #90 on my 101 list – build a snowman. Now don’t laugh, but the snow wouldn’t roll!! It was too dry, but Meghan and I were determined. So mini-snowman it was. He is a simple little man, with a nose, mouth, arms, and yes, a bagel-thin hat. Maybe a little tragic, but it works for a southern snowman!! (Thanks to Meghan for taking pictures!!)

Kind of sad but he totally counts











We stayed out a little longer since I am not used to this much snow every year. Tucker loved running around and kicking up snow (and trying to get our snowman’s face and accessories….).

One thought on “#90. Snowman

  1. I love your snowman! I also love that we both posted a blog about our snowmen on the same day…typical.

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