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The Yellow Porch

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I am slowly making a dent in #51 on my 101 list (halfway done actually!). Visiting 10 new restaurants sounds super easy, but when you get into routines of going to places you love already, it’s sometimes hard to break out of that shell! Luckily last week was Restaurant Week in Nashville (the best time to try new places) and my friend Kate was so kind to get a few of us to go somewhere new. The Yellow Porch in the Berry Hill area has been on my list to try and is only about 5 minutes from our house. It is definitely one of the best new places I’ve tried.

I had a dried cherry salad to start, with walnuts, goat cheese, and a vinaigrette dressing.  For my meal I chose the sweet tea cured pork chop with sweet potato and bacon pancake, green beans, and apple chutney. It was all delicious. I very rarely have pork. Not that I don’t like it I just like other things better. But this was a huge pork chop, cooked perfectly. And it was perfectly paired with the sweet potato and bacon pancake!

I will definitely take my parents here the next time they are in town and add it to my favorites list.

It's a cute restaurant with a lot of character


This makes me halfway through getting to 10 new restaurants in Nashville! What are you favorites that I may not have been to??

One thought on “The Yellow Porch

  1. MMMmmmm. You meal sounds yummy! I want to go there next time I come to see you!

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