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7 restaurants down on #51 on my 101 list!! My friend Kati is getting married in June and her sister threw her bachelorette party here in Nashville! We had a late dinner at Sambuca, a trendy restaurant/bar in the heart of The Gulch. It’s pretty big with multiple levels with a patio on top (although we did not go up there as it was about 45 degrees outside). We sat in the main room downstairs. It’s large and open, but surprisingly not loud with chatter and other conversations. Our table was also right next to the stage, where there is live music every night.  The atmosphere is very trendy with dim lighting, dark colors, comfy chairs.

And of course, the important part: the menu. First of all, there is a very large drink and wine menu. I love when restaurants have mixed drink menus so I can try new things that I would never think to combine. And the best part was the “Skinny Bitch” drink selections. I got the Sinless Strawberry Mojito and it was delicious. The dinner menu has a wide range of small plate options, salad, soup, pizza, pasta, fish, and entrees. I wasn’t too hungry, so I got a Gorgonzola Salad with candied walnuts and a cup of shrimp and crab bisque. Both were amazing. I do have to go back, though, with more of an appetite to try to crab-stuffed salmon. Who’s with me??

This may be one of my new favorite places, for food or just for drinks! It would be a great place to just chill after work or for a late-night drink.

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