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#55. No Sweets Zone

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To say I have a sweet tooth is an understatement. I would prefer to eat some (ok, maybe most) meals consisting of nothing but sweets. My body would not prefer this. So it was a no-brainer to put #55 on my 101 list: don’t eat sweets for 2 weeks.

My timing really couldn’t have been more perfect. I began on Ash Wednesday because sweets is the obvious thing to give up for Lent. It sounds cliche, but sweets really do become a problem when it becomes a comfort/de-stress mechanism instead of doing something productive.  We are now almost 3 weeks into Lent and I honestly have not even noticed the absence of sweets. The first 2 weeks are usually the hardest, but I was over my head with my workload, food being the last thing on my mind every day, AND I got sick and was in the hospital, unable to eat a normal meal for about 8 days. Sweets were the absolute last thing I wanted.

So it really hasn’t been bad and now that I’m well into it, I’m not even craving them anymore. I didn’t even linger at the dessert table the other night during post-church dinner night! OK, yes, some Sweet Cece’s would be perfectly satisfying, but I can survive and it will still be there come Easter. (my love of baking is a completely different issue…..hard to bake when you can’t taste the goods).

I do not need sweets; I do not need sweets; I do not need sweets

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