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Barefoot Training

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I mentioned this briefly in one post back in February and think it’s time for an update! I’m running the Music City Half Marathon again this year and it’s 19 days away!! Last year I ran because I was jobless and had nothing else to do. This year I’m just really loving running AND had a great cause to support. Insert Barefoot Republic. I met Candace when she started interning at work and it was an instant friendship. I had heard of Barefoot Republic and had actually been to the camp to help build before their first summer opening the new location, but Candace was the expert and the passion behind the run.

As the Run Barefoot team, we are raising money for kids to go to camp. 75% of campers to Barefoot receive some kind of financial assistance in order to go. As a team, we have raised over $13,000 so far!! Now I must admit, I didn’t hate training and running by myself last year. But running with a team with a purpose is ten times better. I may not be completely crushed when the race is over…7am runs on Saturdays are not exactly ideal, let’s be real….but I have definitely formed friendships and had a great time in the 3+ months with this team. And am so proud of every person on our team – us halfers ran 11 miles on Saturday! Woot!

There’s still time to donate and there’s still plenty of room for us to reach our team goal!! Interested? Check out the Run Barefoot site and if you like what you see, Support a Runner! And check back after April 30 for final fundraising results and pictures of us beautiful people after 13.1 miles 🙂

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