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#101. Festival

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Nashville is a place where any day of the week, you can have numerous festivals and benefits to choose to attend. You could spend more than half your time going to fun, new events! A week ago we went to the the Nashville Scene’s Iron Fork….a festival of food. Which crosses another item of the ole’ 101 list!

  • Element A: Over 30 restaurants were in attendance with food samples.
  • Element B: 3 drink tickets, sponsored by Four Roses Bourbon, which mixes deliciously with lemonade.
  • Element C: Iron Chef style competition between the top select local chefs

The event took place at the Country Music Hall of Fame, which is a perfect venue for any event! Proceeds helped support Martha O’Bryan Center and I would definitely attend again next year. The food from every restaurant was great. The only downside to the whole event was trying to juggle a plate of delicious food and a delicious drink and enjoy both at once.

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